Overall Model for Indirect and Direct
Training Impact (OMIDTI)

Support for reflection and discussion.
By, in groups or individually,
systematically discuss and reflect on the indirect and direct factors,
the training results can be maximized.

Is it possible to influence or make a change in this area?
How is the situation today?
Why is this factor important and how does it affect the training?
How motivated to develop this and why?
What can increase motivation to work on this?
Priority compared to other goals and areas?
Where do I want to go? Goals?
When do I start working on this goal?
Plan and structure of the process?
Do I need support, information or help?
What needs to be documented and in what way?
After achieved goals - follow-up/further development/new goals?
What have I learned during this process?
What will this process require of me (to reach this goal)
About this service and modell: This website and model (OMIDTI) is created by me, Martin Larsson. I have a bachelor degree in Health promotion and has more then 10 years experience working with physical training, health promotion, coaching and rehabilitation. I have been training and doing sports for 25 years. I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
This model was created the 2nd of may, 2018
and is uptdated continuously.
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