Overall Model for Indirect and Direct
Training Impact (OMIDTI)
Indirect impact on the training results
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Personal factors
  Life situation and general well-being
Work, studies, family, general health, living situation
  Personal factors and characteristics
Self-confidence, responsible, creative, cognitive capabilities
  Disposition of time and calendar
Daily routines, time management, responsibilities, priorities
  Economical conditions
Income, expenditure, time for training, costs for training
  Psychical health
Self-esteem, emotional state, level of anxiety,
psychical impact from different situations
  General approach and attitude
Mindset, level of ambition, patience, visualization,
endeavor, dedication
  Mental aspects linked to the training
Looking forward to train, excited, anxious
Driving force, meaningfulness, sustainable, short and
long-term, autonomy, self-efficacy, internal, external
  Experience of training
Mental strengths, working towards goals, situations,
what training hard requires of you, strive
  Knowledge associated with training
Learn from others, good examples, reliable sources,
basic training-knowledge
Structurell factors
  Goals and vision
Primary objective, sub-target, SMART-based,
documented, knowledge of goal setting
  Planning of the training
Individualized, selection of program-method-process,
  Structure and discipline
Consistent, habits, quality, long-term commitment,
accuracy, preparations
  Support and backing
Help, somebody to turn to, advise, pointers,
encouragement, social-network
  Mental recovery and relaxation
Mindfulness, meditation, social contacts, resting,
what makes you feel good/at peace
  Long-term feedback
How is the training going this week, month, year etc,
analyze the situation and the training

Society’s, yours or others view on the training
Image, traditions, status

  Documentation and monitoring
How to document the process? App? Software?
Paper? Video? Notes? Diary?
  Development and progress
Does the training results progress in as planned?
Enviromental factors
  Physical training environment
Inside, outside, security, light, sound, variation,
space, materials
  Social training environment
Group psychology, competition, supportive, skill level,
exchange knowledge
  Availability and distance to different training venues
Transportation, fees, distance, opening hours
  Joyfulness and satisfaction
Enjoyment, meaningful, experiences, adrenalin,
dopamine, flow
  Training inspiration
What gives inspiration? Who gives inspiration?
Roll model? Vision?
  Demands, anticipations and expectations
From others, from yourself, benefits, unspoken,
pressure, coping
Music, scenery, emotional, visually
Economical, sports, physiological, emotional, health
  Direct and instant feedback
Via video, mirror, own evaluation, somebody
else gives direct feedback
  Staff and organization
Coach, trainer, manager, sports psychologist,
physio, the club, the gym
  Outlooks, benefits and opportunities
Winning, money, status, career, be the best
Support for reflection and discussion
By, in groups or individually, systematically discuss and reflect on
the indirect and direct factors, the training results can be maximized.
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